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Are you ready to be a BADASS Therapist?

Learn more about what it is like to work with a team of badass therapists!

Are you ready to ignite that fire and step into your own badassery as a therapist?  We can't wait to show you what it is all about!

Whether you are looking to join an established badass group practice, dip your toes into your own private practice or a combination of both, Peak Professional Group has an option for you!

What it means to be Badass!

Be Gritty, Hustle, Be You!

Being badass is a process and being a badass therapist is no different.  Being badass is being authentic to you.  Being badass is being innovative, forward-thinking and doing what needs to be done (within our scope of practice, of course).

Each of our team members brings something unique and authentic to the table.  We love to support creative individually like-minded therapists who understand the important of human connection.

Colorful Tattoos

I bet that sparked your interest...

Okay, now that we have your attention, let me skip right ahead to the blah blah blah part!  Our thriving group practice, Peak Professional Group, PLLC is located in Apex, NC with several options available.  We offer in-person counseling, school-based counseling (Chatham Co.) and even offer telehealth options for all of our employees, Independent Contractors and clinical interns! 

We may be biased but…we are pretty sure that we are one of the most awesome counseling practices to work for, ever! And we really believe that we are changing the world;

Now, like any job, there are “good” parts and some “not so good parts” so let me jump right in!

Let’s get the “not so good parts” out of the way first:
  • It can take some time to build up a caseload (average is 30-60 days from your hire date) but it also depends on your own goals and what insurance panels we can get you credentialed with and how long that annoying process can take!  

    • We like each provider to take time to get used to working in our systems before we "throw you to the wolves".​

    • We offer on-boarding & training support for our new providers for the first 30-90 days!

  • If you are seeking a job to support a household all on your own, plan your current exit strategy to ensure that you won’t be left short between leaving another place and getting started with us.

  • We don’t currently offer health insurance.  Booooo, I know but it is what it is, so we do offer a wellness stipend that can be used for anything self-care related or wellness related aka massage, reike, drumming, medication copays!

On to the other side of life, the “good stuff”:​​

  • We offer flexible hybrid models that center around what is best for your clients AND what is best for the Team.  This means that you can do a few days in person and a few days virtual- we want your experience with Peak to be an amazing growth experience.

    • Our office is located on the second floor of Peakway Market Place and you have an opportunity to bust ass climbing stairs aka get your exercise in or have a lazy day and take the elevator. 

    • There is also a pretty cool trail that circles a small body of water and you are more than welcome to commune or have a mindful moment while not in session or to avoid doing your paperwork.  Ducks and fishies included!​


  • Our clients are awesome!  Really, you get a wide variety of clients presenting problems to delve into so you are never bored and always being professionally challenged!  We work with kids, teens, adults, couples and families.  We even have a School-based Therapy Program if being out in the community is your jam! Want to run a group?  Awesome, let's talk more!


  • We aren’t big on stress at Peak.  Our profession is exhausting enough these days without having a boss micro-manage your entire caseload and time.  Our Leadership Team works hard to support our team and take away most of the stress related to checking benefits, filing claims, collecting copays and scheduling initial assessments. 


  • We believe in the power of self-care and to this end we offer a wellness bonus with each paycheck to ensure that you are taking care of yourself!  We also encourage everyone to work hard AND take the time needed for self-care. As long as you do your work, no one is trying to micro-manage your time with us.  We do informal and more formal check-ins on a regular basis to make sure that you are happy and taking care of your needs!


  • You are in control of your own schedule!  Our intake coordinator schedules the initial sessions with clients (if choose that option) and then you get to schedule clients at your convenience, sounds great right? If you want to have more control over your initial assessments, we have a streamlined process for that too!  You get to come and go, see your clients and attend to your/your family's needs at the same time!  We do ask for a few evenings  (or a Saturday) a week to help meet the demands of our hard-working clients and school-aged clients, as well.


  • You will learn from a diverse team of professionals with many different perspectives and theoretical orientations.  It is not uncommon to sit at the conference table, putting together a team puzzle together (literally, puzzles and other self-care activities-one each month) while learning from each other.  Our team consists of therapists with over 40 combined years in the industry- from clinical social workers to psychologists and, of course, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors, like myself, the owner of Peak! 

    • Our team consists of professionals trained in:​

      • EMDR​

      • DBT

      • CPT

      • Prepare & Enrich

      • Supportive & Intuitive Clinical Supervision

      • Hypnosis

      • Rapid Resolution Therapy®

      • Usui Holy Fire Reiki®


  • We believe in the power of connection and with this, we do

    • Weekly (Virtual) Peer Clinical Support meetings where people can come and share ideas, resources, discuss difficult or challenging cases or perhaps offer some insight for a colleague.  

    • Monthly team connect meetings (virtual) where we review procedural and administrative  changes, offer team teach-backs and team-building activities & roundtable discussions.  

    • We coordinate several in-person opportunities to connect throughout the year (with safety precautions due to Covid-19).  In the past we have done baby showers, family picnics, wine and design parties and other informal 'get-togethers'.

Soft Benefits:​

  • You get 5 days of PTO, $150 in CEU reimbursement, a wellness stipend, direct deposit, flexible scheduling, team-building activities like bowling, dinners out and exposure to the best freaking team of authentic clinicians in the area including a badass leadership team to support you!

  • Access to time and energy saving tools like NoteDesigner (to help with progress note), Treatment Plan Cheatsheet, Practice Planners, Shared Google Drives, HIPPA-Compliant Electronic Health Records, Virtual Phone Extensions and a host of other tools. 

We offer different employee tracks with different and creative benefits in each track:

  • Rockstar- this track is for emerging clinicians who have a good idea of what is going on clinically but need supervision, supervision, supervision to get fully licensed!  Our team consists of licensed supervisors qualified to supervise (LCSWAs and LPCAs) all for FREE! We give you a wide variety of clients to work with so that you can become a well-rounded badass therapist!  We help you figure out what you like and don’t like all through our professional mentoring program, offered strictly here at Peak!!!!!

  • Superstar-  This track is for the more experienced clinicians who are looking to specialize, focus on continued professional growth and make a great living at the same time.  We offer FREE coaching to help you decide on your area of specialization and can even help you pay for that special training that you want, collaborate on professional projects like book writing, groups, workshops, trainings and more!  The sky is literally the limit!

  • Shooting Star- For those who are interested in starting their own private practice, this track is for you!  Learn from some of the most successful private practice owners in the area, have access to Facebook groups for private practice, learn about networking and marketing your private practice so that you can become a shooting star that shines bright in the midnight light!  Sounds great right? You will receive one-on-one professional private practice coaching from the owner of Peak and learn how to successfully transition into your own successful private practice without having to go through all of the mistakes that many of us have made already!