Billing Questions

Our billing team is here to assist you!

What is your No Shows/Late Cancellation Policy?

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy which means that all appointments must be canceled 48 hours prior to being seen in order to waive our fee. 

What is the fee for a late cancellation or a No Show?

Our Late Cancelation & No Show Fee is currently $75.00.  

The credit card on file will be charged if you don't cancel your appointment.  We also understand that things happen so if you have concerns about being charged, please:

Do you need to keep a credit card on file?

It is Peak's policy to require a credit card on file.  Our only exception to this is if your insurance is a medicaid plan.  We can not and do not charge clients who have a Medicaid plan for No Shows or Late Cancellations as this is against State regulations.

What happens if my credit card is declined or expired

If we charge your credit card and it is declined, we will first send you a secure credit card form via our client portal.  You will receive a notification via email. 

We will reach out to you via chat and email to make you aware of the situation.  We can also send you a one time payment link that is good for 24 hours.  Payments may be made through our Client Portal.  You can also use this online form:

What do I do if my credit card was charged the wrong amount

Insurance companies are changing things on a regular basis since Covid-19.  If we have charged the wrong amount to your credit card for a deductible or copay, please reach out to us and we will rectify the error quickly.  You can send an email to:

What if I want to use an EAP?

We accept most EAP benefits and ask that the authorization number be given to our billing team so that we can correctly submit claims on your behalf.  You can send the authorization information to us at:

How do I update my Insurance or Payment Method?

You can update your insurance and or payment method through our client portal. 

You can also update this information via the following online forms: