Douglas Mariano- (Pending/Onboarding)

Masters of Social Work Intern (Pending LCSWA approval)

Our clinical internship program affords Peak the opportunity to show up, even more for our community.

Through this program, we offer very low cost counseling alternatives and wonderful guided learning experiences!

Each clinical intern, like Doug, is supervised by highly qualified and innovative professionals!

Douglas is a Master's level clinical intern who brings a richness to Peak that helps each client that he works with feel believed in and inspired to meet their full potential. Life can feel like an uphill battle and Doug is here to help you get where you want to be!

"I like to focus on the here-and-now. I consider your history and life journey but instead focus on you directly as an individual with strengths and abilities evolved by an environment that shapes you daily. I am in this process with you to understand the challenges you are facing and use your strengths to improve your resilience.

​I am here to help you accept who you are, build self-respect, and improve your well-being. I want to assist you, teach you skills to manage painful emotions, improve interpersonal interactions and help you feel your best to pursue the life goals that make sense to you. My goal is to provide a place where you can feel secure, heard, validated, and accepted so you can feel comfortable working on your personal goals".

9219-800-8114 (Mobile Office Number)

Douglas Mariano- (Pending/Onboarding)