Laurie MacDonald, LCSW

School-based Therapy Program (SBTP) Director & Outpatient Therapist

Laurie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and her experience has included working in outpatient clinics, psychiatric hospitals, court settings and schools. Laurie has experience with children diagnosed with anxiety, affective disorders, trauma and stressor-related disorders, conduct disorders, ADHD, personality disorders and ASD-related challenges.

Laurie has always had a passion for working with children, adolescents and young adults. She connects with her young clients effortlessly which transpires into a trusting and comfortable therapeutic relationship.

​Laurie has the natural ability to maintain a calm presence when everything around children in therapy may be overwhelming. She takes this opportunity to teach children new skills by helping them self-regulate their emotions and explore with them alternative ways to express their feelings.

In her practice, Laurie utilizes play therapy, self-regulation theory, cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based interventions.

​Laurie tailors her approach to the unique needs of each child/teen. As their therapist, Laurie believes in minimizing children’s anxiety, building on their existing strengths and helping promote their happiness.

To improve the lives of children, Laurie understands that it takes collaboration among parents/guardians, teachers and other involved professionals.

Communication with care providers is essential while simultaneously respecting the importance of maintaining a trusting relationship with the child/teen.

​Addressing mental health issues in our homes/schools/communities and being proactive with these children instead of reactive is vital. Laurie’s focus is to invest in children, giving them the skills and support to reach their highest potential and to help families move forward with hope.

Laurie offers school-based counseling services with Chatham County Public Schools.

919-800-8114 (Mobile Office Number)

Laurie MacDonald, LCSW