Laurie Nicholson, LCMHCA

Outpatient Therapist

I understand that going to therapy and facing some issues can be hard and it can take some time and hard work before one may begin to feel better. Everything in life ebbs and flows and that is true while working on yourself in therapy.

Sometimes things going on in your life may help you cruise along as you work on things and other times you may feel like you have some roadblocks in the way. This is where I can really help and with my patience and creativity we will get through this together.

I believe in creating a warm, safe, and therapeutic environment for clients to feel comfortable exploring challenges, emotions, and life's difficulties. I aim to build a strong therapeutic rapport with clients which aids in finding the appropriate treatment approach.

I understand that no single approach is right for each individual so I use a range of therapeutic interventions mainly eclectic. I use an integrative approach including person-centered, mindfulness-based, cognitive behavioral therapy, along with emotion regulation skills and coping skills. I have over 20 years experience working with the autism spectrum disorder community. I work with children, teens, young adults/college students, adults, couples and families.

I work from a place of compassion and understanding . I am ready to meet you where you are and to help you discover what works for you to heal and grow. I believe growth comes from enhancing our understanding of ourselves, and learning to make choices that can lead us to greater freedom and lasting positive changes. I believe everyone has the potential for health, healing, growth, and confidence. I will provide the tools for you to always continue to heal, grow and become more confident.

919-800-8114 (Mobile Office Number)

Laurie Nicholson, LCMHCA