Melodye Ranyak, LCMHCA

Outpatient Therapist

Melodye works primarily with adults and teens! She received her BA from Texas Christian University and her Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from Texas Woman's University.

Clients can expect a genuine, warm, and collaborative therapeutic relationship when they come to see me. They can expect a safe and affirming therapeutic space, and will notice that I pay special attention to their strengths, interpersonal relationships, and the here and now. I believe I have a more relaxed and equitable approach, yet I also utilize gentle confrontation. I think I am a good fit for clients who are willing to explore and reflect and sit with varying emotions.

Her professional areas of interest include treating trauma (especially sexual assault) and incorporating mindfulness, and will be working towards certifications that use an integrative approach to treat traumatic experiences.

Melodye is passionate about helping clients heal from trauma and reduce shame. She is passionate about affirming identities, critiquing systems of power and oppression, and advocating for people with marginalized identities and experiences. She also passionate about film, television & travel. Melodye is also interested in hiking, yoga & reading.

When asked how Melodye sees problems that develop in life, she responds:

"I see problems coming most broadly from systems of power and oppression that influence our views, beliefs about self, and relationships. I help clients with these problems through various strategies, such as identifying sources of harmful messages, reducing shame, utilizing coping strategies, and empowering clients to make necessary changes toward healing."

Therapy with Melodye feels safe, comforting, and collaborative. While therapy may feel uncomfortable when processing difficult emotions and experiences, Melodye believes we often achieve the greatest insights and growth when challenged.

Melodye also believes that we live more meaningful and rich lives through social and emotional connection, growth, and helping others.

Clients that come to seek support from Melodye can expect a safe and affirming therapeutic environment where she pays special attention to strengths, interpersonal relationships and the present-focused "here & now."

919-800-8114 (Mobile Office Number)

Melodye Ranyak, LCMHCA