Patty Lytwyn, LCMHCA

Outpatient Therapist

She is passionate about integrative therapies that work towards re-aligning clients with their best possible outcomes.

Patty is the epitome of "client-centered" with a warm and genuinely authentic personality, her clients feel welcomed and supported throughout their therapeutic journey with Patty!

Generally problems come from faulty coping systems, usually learned when the client was young. The main way I help clients fix their problems is to show them that they are not broken, they just to relearn a better, healthier way of approaching challenges, and life in general.

Everyone is a whole person - body, mind and spirit. Often there is a disconnect between one or all. Patty's approach works on ultimately reconnecting all of them, but at least in the moment reconnecting the client to his/her heart, what they are truly feeling inside. There is never a situation so broken that someone cannot start again. That they are choosing to come to therapy is a sign that they have what it takes to begin again.

I am compassionately direct. My spirituality is an integral part of who I am. I am creative, and incorporate that into all parts of therapy. I have lived life. Chances are high that I can connect some part of your life to some part of mine. I love animals, especially cats, and you may see my animals join sessions.

919-800-8114 (Mobile Office Number)

Patty Lytwyn, LCMHCA