Samantha Mahon, LCMHCS

Practice Owner & Outpatient Therapist

Her approach to a therapeutic connection is as unique as she is, bringing her authentic, unapologetically authentic unique "self" to the table, as a true inner badass. She intuitively selects a uniquely individualized approach (often drawing from a perfect blending of therapeutic approaches, just for you!) to help offer her clients an experience in which to heal from.

Her sarcastic, real-life humor and (at-times) foul mouth combined with a very compassionate and validating approach creates a perfect synchronicity for those clients who are drawn to her. She often draws from a myriad of perspectives to be able to really understand the underlying issues that are causing the problems as they are presenting today.

Samantha is the owner of this practice and is equally passionate about the business side and the counseling side of the Peak.

She is also the owner of Peak Practice Solutions, LLC- a private practice support company offering private practice coaching, credentialing and other services!


Samantha Mahon, LCMHCS