At the core of Peak Professional Group
we are about:

  Progress...not perfection    
 Exploring one's potential    
Aligning with purpose             
Keeping it simple                       

We know that life is about progress, not perfection.  We are all perfectly imperfect and we embrace this authenticity.  Our counseling services support your progress!


We love helping our clients explore "good enough" as a form of self-compassion.  We use a variety of evidence-based therapy modalities including CBT, DBT, EMDR, Clinical Hypnotherapy & hypnosis, Motivational Interviewing among others to help each client feel and understand that we are all "good" enough.  


Peak is aligned with your purpose in this community and in the world, we can help you get there too.  Whether you are experience anxiety, depression, trauma or an array of other "stuff", we work collaboratively with you to guide you in the right direction- whichever way that may be for you.  


Life is way too complicated these days, we keep it as simple as we can!

Offering in-person & telehealth options

Mountain climber on peak_edited.jpg

Reaching your full potential is our focus!

Life has a way of making us face challenges, move mountains and ultimately reach our full potential.  It can often feel like we are climbing a never-ending mountain.  Just when we think we have reached our "peak", life throws another curve ball and we go back to square one.

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Empowered      Authentic              Kindness               

One person at a time- we are changing the feel of mental health & forging forward with an even more aligned & designed life.